Friday Jan 06, 2023

Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour - 1.05.23

Our elections need to be protected and our progressive campaigns need grassroots support, exclusive of the party system.
In this GREEGREE zoom #121 we lay out a template for our work through November, 2024 (and maybe beyond).
We look first at a list of 20+ core issues dealing with election protection that will be in varying degrees the upcoming focus of our work.  They are listed below.
We are then joined by RAY MCCLENDON of the Georgia NAACP, who explains the nitty-gritty importance of grassroots “relational” campaigning with “democracy centers” for progressive candidates everywhere.
Ray focusses in particular on Georgia, where the recent GEORGIA MIRACLE has helped swing control of the United States Senate, among much more.
HOWIE HAWKINS of the Green Party lays out the details of Ranked Choice Voting, which can constitute a major leap forward for true democracy.
RAY LUTZ of Audit USA tells us how audits can play a crucial role along with hand-marked paper ballots in guaranteeing accurate vote counts.
Below is the partial list of key issues that are core to protecting free, fair, reliable and accurate elections.
Along with safe energy, this will be the core of our work heading toward 2024. 

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